Borsalino Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Joseph Cardo

Borsalino | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

For an industry that prides itself on design, it is odd how little goes into the graphics of its ad campaigns. Fortunately for us, this isn’t the case for Italian headwear house Borsalino, and their most recent Fall 2018 ad campaign laid out not by a graphic designer, but the photographer himself.

Taken from a “scenae frons” perspective, a collage of black and white pictures by photographer Joseph Cardo mirrors the company’s classic communication, while the color images of the new campaign protagonists are portrayed in playful poses wearing the new Borsalino collection. The layout done in-house by Cardo and his team is superb, juxtapositioning the colorful new product focused images with timelessness of black and white. And to make the new stand out even more, the layout extended the product to the frame edge. Cardo goes on, in standard press release fare, to share his passion for the product.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Joseph Cardo”]

My shots do nothing but translate the essence of the values of the brand that are interpreted and represented by the different consumer targets. The hat is a super contemporary accessory, able to distinguish style by itself. I hope this campaign can suggest new ways of wearing such an iconic piece.


Whether the campaign suggest new ways to wear a hat or not is debatable, but what it does do is show new ways to leverage graphic layouts to make the message entertaining enough to stop the viewer. Something The Impression is willing to tip our hat to.



Photographer/Creative Director | Joseph Cardo
Models | Alejandra Alonso, Charlotte Grey, Justin Gossman & Xavier Grey
Location | Milan