Brandon Maxwell Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Brandon Maxwell | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Brandon Maxwell goes home for the Fall 2018 campaign of his eponymous label.

The campaign stills and accompanying film, directed by Maxwell and Jessy Price, star Brandon’s eighty-one-year-old grandmother Louise Johnson, or, as he affectionately calls her, Mammaw, who he says was an enormous influence on his life and his love for the world of fashion. In the film, which unfolds like a scrapbook, we see vintage photos of Mammaw and intimate home video of a young Brandon which illustrate his increasingly stronger bond with her: he takes early, wobbling steps toward her open arms, they feed ducks together, she holds his hand as they mingle with elegantly dressed women in the department store where she worked as a buyer. Effectively underscored by Andrew Bird’s soft instrumental song “Belles,” the film feels wrapped up in a sweet aura of nostalgia and the tender timelessness of love.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Brandon Maxwell”]

My life in fashion was very much informed by and a result of my relationship with my grandmother. I’ve spoken endlessly about having grown up in a clothing store with her and the effect that had on me as a young child, which ultimately led me on my career path. Beyond our shared interests there is also a deep and never-ending love between us that has sustained me throughout my life. I am proud to have created this legacy project that immortalizes our relationship. This film and series of photographs is, as always, an invitation to our customers into my life: past and present.


But despite Maxwell’s nostalgic celebration of the past and the woman who helped shape his present, he also manages to be incredibly original and forward-thinking. Towards the end of the film we see Mammaw, as she is today, posing for the campaign’s photographs in her home in Longview, Texas; she seems elegant, yet warm, powerfully wise, yet tender and loving. With this campaign Maxwell affirms and highlights his commitment to creating sophisticated clothing for women of all backgrounds, ages, and sizes.

By celebrating the joy of the past and the fullness of the present, Brandon Maxwell looks forward to a bright future.


Brandon Maxwell Creative Director | Brandon Maxwell
Photographer/Creative Director/Director | Brandon Maxwell
Co-Creater | Jessy Price
Talent | Louise Johnson aka ‘Mammaw’
Location | Longview, TX