Review of Brandon Maxwell

Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Review of Brandon Maxwell Spring 2022 Fashion Show

Don’t Mess With Texas

By Erin Hazelton

This collection is the most me I’ve ever done… the rules were off the table… I’ve done safe collections, I’ve had heartbreaks and disappointments… I stopped being scared. I stopped worrying about what other people would think and I did me.

Brandon Maxwell

If opening his Spring 2022 collection with Celine Dion blasting overhead and a whole section of Texas “fans” (Maxwell’s home state) cheering as his first look – a “psychedelic” print mini dress with a shiny gingham mini coat and a sweater thrown over the shoulders – is any indication of Brandon Maxwell doing Brandon Maxwell, then we’re fully supportive. 

Known for his female-loving, forever-flattering silhouettes, high slits and sexy jackets, Maxwell creates clothes women want to flaunt themselves in.

When you wear a Brandon Maxwell dress, you stand out. That said, up until recently, Maxwell shied away from prints. In fact, it wasn’t until his recent Resort 2022 collection that he went for it, playing with a variety of animal prints in different color ways, polka dots, florals and even mixed them together. The final product was glorious: still full of the sensual lines Maxwell is a master of, but his new use of printed fabrics made the looks even more dynamic.

For Spring 2022, Maxwell pushed things even further, adding plenty of shine and some mind-bending prints to his repertoire . Maxwell’s collection was ready to party: pleated lamé swooshed as models walked , micro feathered skirts peaked out under long sweaters, a shiny alligator-embossed teal trench gleamed, tuxedos were worn with bra tops, and almost every print made you look twice. There was a mushroom print! One that was zebra… or was is it just swirling black and white lines? Each look was a reminder that once upon a time we used to go out and that we will go out again… preferably in time for Spring 2022. 

Many of the looks were layered , a few sweaters tied over the shoulders , and it should be noted that Maxwell styled the collection himself with his inhouse team, “and lots of palo santo.” 

As if Maxwell’s collection wasn’t exciting enough, Gigi Hadid closed the show in a cloud-print tuxedo. Which was perfect, since the whole thing felt like a dream.