Artist Danny Sangra Reimagines Burberry's Doodle Tote Bag

Burberry’s Doodle Tote | Reimagined by Danny Sangra

Artist Danny Sangra Reimagines Burberry’s Doodle Tote Bag

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In celebration of Burberry’s new Doodle Tote, created in collaboration with Danny Sangra, the artist himself took over Burberry’s Spring Street store with his inimitable illustrations. From Nov. 17th-18th, Danny transformed the windows and interior of the store with his drawings to further show the creative inspiration behind Burberry’s new collection of Doodle reversible tote bags.

Danny was on hand for both days, live doodling on Burberry’s new totes with a choice of his illustrations and witty colloquialisms, to create one-of-a-kind designs. Visitors to the store will be able to purchase limited edition versions of the tote with Danny’s unique designs.

To continue the celebration, Danny will be traveling to Burberry stores in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, & London.


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