Calvin Klein Andy Warhol Self Portraits Capsule

Calvin Klein | Andy Warhol Self Portraits Capsule

In the days before Instragram, artists were equally obsessed with instance which took the form of the next best thing—Polaroids. Artist Andy Warhol was no exception and fell in love with the ease and speed of Polaroid prints, capturing thousands of Polaroids, especially self-portraits, up until his death in 1987.  Calvin Klein frontman Raf Simons is no stranger to art history and teamed with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to revisit the art of the first selfies in a Calvin Klein capsule collection. The collection features Warhol’s self portraits reprinted on jeans, tees, and sneakers and this week the the house released the lookbook images as what else ….Polaroids.

While Warhol screen-printed neon self-portraits on canvas, this latest installment of his work allows lovers of both the Calvin Klein and the well-known artist to grab pieces featuring the renditions of Warhol’s work.

While much of his work stemmed from commercial photographs, Warhol also used his own images for inspiration. In addition, he was fascinated by drag queens, role-playing, and identity. Interestingly enough, however, no portrait ever fully portrayed who Warhol actually was—he was more interested in exploring the art of disguise, and character than actually unveiling himself. A precursor to Cindy Sherman if you will.

Over the past several seasons, Calvin Klein has incorporated Warhol’s work across its collections. This capsule furthers the partnership between Calvin Klein and the Andy Warhol Foundation but in one of the most artistic ways yet.

The collection itself is shown through a series of polaroids, a marketing strategy that begs the question about the relationship between fashion and art and whether Calvin Klein’s marketing of Warhol’s art is art in itself.

The collection is now available on the Calvin Klein website, a fitting home for instant shopping gratification that we are sure Andy would have approved of. As for us at The Impression, we have final found looks that inspire a few selfies of our own.

Images courtesy of CALVIN KLEIN and ©/®/™ The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.