Calvin Klein Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign

Calvin Klein

CKUnfiltered 'Bra Talk' Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

All girls know, bra talk is real talk. In Calvin Klein’s latest campaign, CKunfiltered, they truly are getting real, in the most fun and honest way possible. Released in a series of nine short films, each features real women telling real stories about each unique bra style.

The focus of the films is a welcomed break from the typical sex-focused lingerie commercials we see in today’s day and age, and instead are a throwback to the old-fashioned advertising of the 50’s and 60’s. In those days, ads would typically discuss each product and describe all of the advantages and practical uses. Calvin Klein builds on this format, refreshingly featuring two women in each clip who simply reveal why they love their bras. They are depicted having fun, yet low-key, heart-to-hearts about everything from breastfeeding to push-up factor.

The simplicity and rawness of the films are what make this campaign special. In the realm of fashion, it can be common to feel as though the models on the screen are so unreachable, so contrived and put-together for the sake of the shoot. But in this case, Calvin Klein has achieved the complete opposite. The women are diverse and appeal to a wide variety of female audiences. For everyday women out in the world, they want nothing more than to see people they can relate to up on their screens, showing them that they can feel that confident and beautiful too.

Known for years as a lifestyle brand focused on comfort and minimalism, it isn’t a surprise that they would choose to depict a collection of bras in this way. But with this campaign, the fashion house has gone above and beyond by showing the honest and unreserved side of fashion. So, here’s to CK encouraging more real talk and body confidence and continuing to be a role model for women everywhere!