Sofia Coppola's Calvin Klein Underwear Ads Featuring Lauren Hutton, Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones, Nathalie Love, Laura Harrier, Maya Thurman-Hawke, & Chase Sui Wonders

Calvin Klein Underwear Ads By Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola’s Calvin Klein Underwear Ads Featuring Lauren Hutton, Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones, Nathalie Love, Laura Harrier, Maya Thurman-Hawke, & Chase Sui Wonders


Calvin Klein under Raf Simons is continuing to stay ahead of the curve with their latest women’s underwear campaign shot by Sofia Coppola. Fresh off the heels of their men’s underwear campaign staring cast members of the Academy Award–winning Moonlight, which was intuitively cast prior to the films nomination, Calvin Klein has again shown they know how to play the chord of underlying cultural harmony with an embraceable cast selected by The Virgin Suicides director.

Ranging in ages from 18 to 73, the campaign lensed in a grainy black-and-white, features longtime Coppola collaborator Kirsten Dunst, Lauren Hutton, Rashida Jones, Nathalie Love, acting newcomer – Laura Harrier, daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman – Maya Thurman-Hawke, and niece of designer Anna Sui – Chase Sui Wonders.

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I just love Calvin Klein’s whole very American idea of women—and men, too.  The old Avedon commercials with Andie MacDowell, the ’90s images of Kate Moss…I feel like those images made a big impression on me in my formative years.

Clearly we love a big impression as well as a solid tagline of which the house of Calvin Klein has created yet another memorable one for this series in “Calvin Klein, or nothing at all.” Each of the cast members plays to the confessional narratives Calvin Klein has become famous for after kicking it off with their iconic Andie MacDowell campaign. While MacDowell confessed to being an object of sexual desire and leaving Southern boys wanting, the confessions of todays cast are more widely relatable such as Rashida Jones unveiling an early awkward crush encounter and Laura Harrier’s teeth smacking first kiss that provoked laughter from her friends. “I wanted young women to have something that treated them with respect and understanding,” said Coppola who knows what touch points emote to an audience of today.

The campaign tone and direction was a smart move in this era of authenticity playing to a wide range of cultures and ages as Calvin Klein underwear is after all a mass market play. And one they are doing so well under the progressive eye of Creative Director Raf Simons who understands that “Calvin Klein, or nothing at all” stands as much for marketing innovation as it does for the label’s continuation.


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Lauren Hutton


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Rashida Jones




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Nathalie Love




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Maya Hawke






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Laura Harrier




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