Christian Louboutin Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Christian Louboutin

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Christian Louboutin raises a powerful voice in the ongoing fight against racism.

The brand has released a new campaign that celebrates the expansion of the house’s Nudes collection. From its original launch, the collection has sought to champion inclusivity and has continued to grow, with the Spring 2020 collection introducing eight shades across women’s, men’s, and unisex styles.

The campaign highlights the beauty and strength in the human body and its diversity. A video by Ujin Lin uses impressive editing to transform expressive human motions into a moving collage. Conversely, photographs by Casper Wackerhausen-Sejersen finds strength and solidarity in stillness. His models stand together in positions of grace and power, their spectrum of skin tones harmonizing beautifully.

The images send a powerful message of inclusion, showing us that beauty and justice are impossible unless all people are recognized and respected as human beings, especially those who have been racially oppressed. But inclusivity is just the beginning.

Fueled by righteous rage at the lynching of George Floyd by police, protest is erupting across the United States as people stand together to demand an end to the systematic racism that has defined the country its entire history, while those in various levels of power struggle violently to maintain the status quo. Now is the time for words and action. In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, Christian Louboutin shared a personal, intersectional, and powerful message of antiracism. It is so important for influential figures to use their platform and stand with the fight against racism. We hope Christian Louboutin continues to make efforts, both visible and practical, and that other brands follow suit – for the fight is far from over.


Christian Louboutin Creative Director | Christian Louboutin
Photographer | Casper Wackerhausen-Sejersen
Video | Ujin Lin