Christopher Kane Unveils New Swimwear Essentials In “More Joy Summer” Campaign

Christopher Kane is good at saying what he wants.

The designer, who leads his eponymous label alongside his sister Tammy, has unveiled his More Joy summer collection for 2020. Last summer, the first More Joy collection introduced three signature logo/slogan/mantras, and this new collection continues the theme. The phrases “Special,” “More Joy,” and “Sex” appear across a slew of swimwear staples and summertime accessories in a bold color scheme of black, white, and red.

The succinct sloganeering is a fascinating way to subvert fashion tropes and how language fits in. If fashion itself is a language, a way for a self to communicate with others, then the directness with which someone who wears one of these pieces asserts their desire for joy or sex or to be seen as special seems to disrupt this communication. The individual is reasserting their self over the relationship. But the Kanes also seem to be tapping into the pop-art, Warholian sense that the repetition of an image or word destroys its meaning, and the individual is done away with.

How then to express oneself as an individual while retaining meaning in a community of others? How can a single word have such a personal connection with so many different individuals? Not only does Christopher Kane ask us these questions with a smile, but he also shows us how sexy they are.

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