Spring Essentials 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Chylak Spring Essentials 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Zofia Chylak with Photographer Kulesza & Pik
with models Karo Laczkowska & Glory Olatunji

by Aidel Townsley

Contrast and connection is the motif for Chylak’s Spring essentials campaign. Photographed by Kulesza & Pik, clouds of billowing fabric, sails on an unseen sea, envelop models Karl Laczkowska and Glory Olatunji, who stand in contradiction to the melodious whimsy. 

Styled by Chiara Janczarek, black tops, tights, and shoes, with striped transparent skirts cage these models into serious recesses as they push away the white fabric that threatens to override their wills. This interactiveness with their environment, a set designed by Michal Zomer, speaks to the importance of comforting and luxurious textures. The situation might set the tone, but these models adapt to a harmonious arrangement that suits their needs and mood, standing out while fitting in. A buttoned-up separation gives way to let loose as their buckled shoes meet each other in communion. 

Playfulness meets solemnity as these women clasp structured bucket bags, with frilled tops, and jump up without twitching a facial muscle. Chylak’s classic shapes and styles are celebrated with an homage to living and changing geometry, including the Ellipse Shoulder Bag, the Tote Bag, and the Saddle Bag. 

Chylak Creative Director | Zofia Chylak
Photographer | Kulesza & Pik
Models | Karo Laczkowska, Glory Olatunji
Stylist | Chiara Janczarek
Stylist Assistant | Wiki Szczepanowska
Hair | Adam Szaro
Makeup | Wilson
Manicurist | Ewa Wójcik
Retouch | Maria Biełuszko
Set Designer | Michał Zomer/Daughter of lama
Production | Łukasz Nowak/Forward Productions

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