Coach 1941 Selena Gomez 'Goes Crazy on You' in Latest Video

Coach 1941 | Selena Gomez ‘Goes Crazy on You’ in Latest Video

Fall’s first comedic fashion film has arrived thanks to director Bunny Kinney and creative Director Fabien Baron who have delivered a lighthearted piece for the Coach X Selena Gomez collection.

The short film paints Gomez as a cubicle employee at Coach’s NYC headquarters who is working after hours. the film opens as the office is wrapping up a days work. Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers is chatting on the phone agreeing that the talent for a future project is perfect. The camera pans to a cubicle sign letting the audience know that Selma Gomez works in that cubicle. Over her shoulder she is reading a hysterical all office memo from Stuart:

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Stuart Vevers”]

Dear all,
Whoever keeps stealing my food from the fridge … PLEEEEAASSEEE STOP EATING MY FOOD


As her office friends approach her she quickly pops an excel sheet up over the message and examples that she has to stay late to work and can’t go out with them. As the office clears Gomez turns on Hearts 80’s iconic track ‘ Crazy on You’ while dancing down the hallway to take full advantage of the sample closet. Soon she is in the ‘dream factory,’ the sample room complete with walls of colored thread, pattern tables, embossing machines. Express the joy of a child set free in a candy store she dancers with the abandon that comes from being unwatched. Her only companion in the nigh is the lone janitor, Javier,  who has become all too familiar with her night routine. Which ends with… you guessed it, her raiding the refrigerator to dive into Vevers well-labeled container of salad and munching on it in his office with her feet on his desk.

The piece is completely fresh and devoid of self serving pretense by the teen idol. Gomez takes to the part with reckless abandon and cheekiness that makes the film endearing and entertaining. Director Bunny Kinney drops even plays with his own name, dropping bunnies throughout the piece from accents in fevers all office memo, to Gomez turning into YouTube videos of bunnies, to a bunny accomplish while she munches on Vevers salad.

Comedy is far too often left out of fashion as it can be risky and terribly difficult to execute. But when done well the rewards are tremendously measurable in terms of consumer loyalty and enhanced love for the brand. With this film Coach as endeared a large number of fans to go ‘Crazy on Them’ in a good way.

Coach Creative Director | Stuart Vevers
Agency | Baron & Baron

Creative Director | Fabien Baron
Director | Bunny Kinney
Talent | Selena Gomez
Stylist | Kate Young
Hair | Marissa Marino
Makeup | Hung Vanngo
Manicurist | Tom Bachik
Location | Coach’s headquarters NYC
Post Production | Baron & Baron

Music | Crazy on You by Heart