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Coach Brings on The Joy with 2017 Holiday Film


Jumping into the Holidays with bright colors, metallics, and most importantly, fun, Coach “Brings on the the Joy” in the 2017 Holiday Film. Welcoming you to a new world of entertainment with a new gang of friends.

The film brings you through a time hop, in the eras of the black and white 40’s, the rollerblading discos of the 70’s, and the arcade fun of the 80’s. Focusing on the clothes of the Coach 1941 collection and how it seamlessly transformed through time with its style, silhouettes, and shine, the film only featured their staple accessories throughout when it was needed to complement the decade that was being focused on.

After the creation of our leather dinosaur friend Rexy, in last year’s campaign, Coach only sprinkled him throughout in this one. He’s seen roaring in the introduction of the film, then is only seen on accessories, and outlined with neon lights on the walls and in games. Though we see that the clothing was the center of the campaign, we still would have liked to see Rexy continue his journey from last year, instead we were left to only wonder where he was going at the end of the film.