Common Hours

Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Common Hours Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Bruna Volpi, Photographers Georges Antoni and Jake Terrey, and Film Director Ribal Hosn with models Lili Sumner, Hannah Elyse, Agi Akur, and Anja Brown

Common Hours returns with a beautiful new campaign that strongly states their unique vision of luxury. The Spring 2021 campaign features creative direction from Bruna Volpi and film direction by Ribal Hosn, with photographers Georges Antoni and Jake Terrey.

Considering that Volpi and Hosn have worked together previously on several campaigns for Sir., where they told mythical and visionary stories of women in connection with nature, it’s no wonder Common Hours tapped them for their latest campaign. Set against the harshly beautiful backdrop of a rural farm, they gorgeously depict the interaction of the pieces with the human body and the effects of light.

Antoni and Terrey find a lovely interplay of light and texture through which they emphasize the character of each piece. They pay precise attention to their location, always situating their models in such a way as to create a cohesive composition where the beauty of the world flows into that of the piece. This approach really emphasizes the character of Common Hours’ designs as wearable pieces of art.

Hosn’s film pays especially thoughtful attention to movement and music. Punctuated by avant-garde breakdowns, the score moves between familiar pieces like Bach’s first cello suite and Camille Saint-Saëns’ Danse Macabre, underscoring subtle emotional shifts. Working with motion assistant Myles Doughman, the models create an emotive visual language somewhere between performance art and dance.

More than anything Common Hours stands for beautiful and luxurious design and craftsmanship, and this campaign does a great job in emphasizing this. While its narrative feels quite open-ended, we are still able to make an emotional connection through its sensitive and artful production.

Though Common Hours is a very young brand, they have already managed to create one of the strongest visions we’ve seen of that elusive thing called luxury.

We are excited to see what comes next for them as they continue to dance on.

Founder and Creative Lead | Amber Symond 
Creative Direction | Bruna Volpi 
Photography Day One “The Fields” | Georges Antoni
Photography Day Two “The Barn” | Jake Terrey 
Film Director | Ribal Hosn
Music | Umberto Clerici
Sound engineer | Drew Bisset 
Talent | Lili Sumner at Chic, Hannah Elyse at Chadwicks, Agi Akur at IMG, Anja Brown at Priscillas 
Hair | Daren Borthwick
Make-up | Linda Jefferyes
Hair and make-up assistant | Sacha Lorge 
Styling | Lee Matthews
Styling Assistants | Sarah Cvetko and Avalon Keating 
Photography Team Day One | Chris Peck, Chris Proud, and Max Brown 
Photography Team Day Two | Ryan Flanagan and Nick Shaw 
Motion Assistant | Myles Doughman 
Production | The Artist Group 
With special thanks to Jo Sinclair, Kathy Ward and Clare Lee 

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