CXA Agency Releases Return to Work Guide for Safe & Responsible Shoot Production

‘How’ is one of the fashion industries’ greatest questions of today. ‘How’ will we work together again? ‘How’ will shoots work? ‘How’ will we stay safe? These questions and more prompted Steven Pranica, President of Creative Exchange Agency, to put process to paper and develop answers to ‘how’ in CXA’s “UnPause – A Guide to Safe & Responsible Production.”

“In speaking with our global clients over the past two months,” explained Pranica to The Impression, “it has become clear that they were looking for insight into how to reignite the industry, and reimagine photography/film production and return to work safely.”

No easy feat, but one the creative founder who represents artists Coco Capitán, David Lachapelle, Paul Sinclaire, and numerous others is certainly up for. The standards include everything from minimizing the headcount on set via a technical ‘Video Village’ to synch-up clients and creative directors, with crews on set, to HEPA filters on HVAC systems when possible, health and safety guidelines for stylist, hair & makeup teams, casting directors and catering teams have been thought through.

Along the way, Pranica layers in another element on top of workplace safety, sustainability to create shoots that are green and clean. “I decided to develop a comprehensive production guide outlining protocols and operational guidelines that are rooted in safeguarding their health and safety,” said Pranica, “while integrating underlying principles of sustainability and social responsibility.”

In the spirit of collaboration, and of getting everyone back to work, I have shared these guidelines across our entire network of clients, artists, and colleagues to show what is possible within our current situation and promote positive change.

– Steven Pranica, President of Creative Exchange Agency

The Impression applauds the thinking and in Pranica’s spirit of sharing, would like to share the guidelines in their entirety in an effort to help us all create in a healthy and sustainable manner.

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