David Yurman | Fall 2016 Campaign Video Series

DAVID YURMAN’s Sentimental Video Series Campaign Shot by BRUCE WEBER


David Yurman shows us the emotional sentiment of their jewelry collection in their fall campaign video series, featuring Russian supermodel, Natalia Vodianova, Jean Campbell, and Dilone. The first 3 videos of the 6 part series have been released, titled: It had to be you, Natalia, Dance-a-thon, and Those Were The Days.

Bruce Weber filmed the campaign for Yurman, using visual aesthetics that emulate a home-video feel. The first video, It had to be you, Natalia, especially feels very intimate; two lovers, share their feelings of love and awe for their new baby. The use of close up angles, natural movements of the models and fluidity of the film, make it feel like this is a real home video.

The second short video Dance-a-thon, has a very different theme. A young women and her friends are playing music outside and dancing around. We still see the home-video aesthetic being used by Weber in this film as well but in a different way; its a very high-energy film with a younger vibe. The woman dances around clashing her bangles, chains and hoop earrings, giving Yurman’s jewelry a new personality, a new sentiment; this is jewelry that moves with you in whatever you do.

The third film Those Were The Days, combines the themes of the first two films, featuring shots of both the lovers and the dancing woman. Its an interesting dynamic, showing the appeal of David Yurman collection in the two very different lifestyles featured in the campaign.

The series captures the message that this is a brand that is meant to be lived in; it’s meant to be a part of your family, loved ones and everyday life. Whether you are a new mother, a lover or a young, girl dancing your days away, Yurman wants to create jewelry for you to wear, wherever your life takes you. Weber does a beautiful job at demonstrating that these jewelry pieces are as timeless as the love a family has for one another and the passion of young spirit.




Agency | Shahid & Company
Photographer & Videographer | Bruce Weber
Models | Dilone, Natalia Vodianova, Jean Campbell
Stylist | Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

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