Dion Lee

'350 Grand St' Summer 2020 Ad Campaign

Dion Lee releases a no-nonsense campaign that strips away the frills to highlight the strength of his designs.

The Australian label, founded by its eponymous designer and creative director in 2009, is renowned for combining technically innovative and experimental construction with traditional tailoring techniques, and the summer collection furthers these principles. Technical elements like garters and straps give a sculptural solidity to flowing dresses and sweaters. Workwear combines with lingerie. Boots and bandanas are elongated, taken to their logical extremes.

Simple portrait photography by Emon Toufania allows the designs to shine through with no distractions. She captures her diverse group of models against a plain white backdrop, making subtle use of light and shadow to add a dimension of character to these powerful poses and looks.

The campaign is almost an anti-campaign in its straightforwardness and apparent lack of what we might traditionally think of as artistic direction. Instead, it simply presents us with a designer’s work. Dion Lee’s work is strong enough to make the move successful, and he shows intelligence and confidence in letting it shine on its own.

Dion Lee Creative Director | Dion Lee
Photographer | Emon Toufanian
Stylist | Melissa Levy

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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