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Dior Questions Love in Love Chain Campaign

“What would you do for love?” is the big question that Dior is asking for their #DiorLoveChain campaign, which corresponds with of the relaunch of the house’s iconic fragrance “Miss Dior.”

Dior calls for everyone that uses this hashtag on Instagram to answer this question, and with each photo or video post, the brand will donate $1 to WE Charity, which is the charitable division of Canadian association of WE Movement. Specifically, this movement will be used to help WE Schools in Kenya, which aims to provide girls with an education. Since the launch Dior has had 37,439 participants and future participants have until Dec. 31st to include the hashtag in an Instagram, Twitter, or Weibo post to help further raise funds.

Dior uses the involvement of well know stars, models, and influencers to answer the question of what they would do for love? The 3-minute video that jump-started this campaign features spokesperson Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp, Robert Pattison, and a few others. The newest additions to this love chain includes Emily Ratajkowski, and Dior Homme’s artistic director Kris Van Assche.

At The Impression, we praise how Dior is mixing fashion and philanthropy. They are allowing for unity and involvement to be the motivation of the campaign, along with most importantly love.