DKNY Fall 2019 Ad Campaign New York State of Mind


Fall 2019 Ad Campaign New York State of Mind

The spirit of New York and it’s upbeat roots are as clear as ever as DKNY celebrates 30 years of a DKNY State of Mind by enlisting New York talent for its fall 2019 campaign. Halsey and DJ duo Chris and Steve Martinez star in the fall women’s and men’s campaigns. With photography by Amy Troost, videography by Yvan Fabing and styling by Carlos Nazario, the campaign defines “A New York State of Mind” while continuing the use of the hashtag IAMDKNY.

The first video is a traditional reflecting of the brand. Halsey steps into her rapper persona as fashion gets remixed with hip-hop. The second video can’t help but make you smile, as the fun dance moves and beats are pared with an engaging conversation with The Martinez Brothers. The audience gets to know their personalities and hears their true opinions on slowing down, enjoying the moment and staying true to yourself- ending with a birthday wish for DKNY.

“DKNY is the spirit of New York. It’s diversity and drive. It’s hard work and a pinch of destiny. They say if a bee strays too far from its hive, it will die. DKNY keeps my home in my heart, and the magic in my mind. It’s an honour to be a part of their 30th birthday,” Halsey said in a statement. 

“We were born and raised in the Bronx,” added The Martinez Brothers. “We are blessed to have found our passion through music. It’s taken us to the far corners of the world, and along the way we have met so many people and have had the craziest adventures. At the end of it all though, New York is our home. It made us who we are and is with us always, wherever we may be. You can hear it in the music we play and how we talk, and see it in the way we dress. That’s why this partnership with DKNY is so natural and makes perfect sense for us.”

Noted on the DKNY website, “The Martinez Brothers are moving to their own beat” and “Halsey is breaking ground, and doing it by her own rules.” DKNY is doing a great job at paralleling the talents in their unique endeavours and has truly redefined a “New York State of Mind” for this up-and-coming generation of clients.

DKNY Fall 2019 Ad Campaign New York State of Mind

Video | Yvan Fabing
Photographer | Amy Troost
Talent | Halsey, The Martinez Brothers
Stylist | Carlos Nazario