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Dolce & Gabbana Teams Up with Swarovski in Making the Tiaras for the Vienna Opera Ball


Growing up, every little girl wondered what it would be like to be a princess when they got older. Well, if you are a debutante at this year’s Vienna Opera Ball, you can get a taste of what is feels like with the Dolce & Gabbana and Swarovski Tiara.

The Ball has worked with Swarovski since the 1950’s and is keeping the tradition of working with them again. In preparation, a short film accompanies a young fresh-faced model, as she explores the Austrian venue. She roams around until she comes across the captivating crown where she completely gets lost in the fantasy of the upcoming evening events.

With this short film, Dolce & Gabbana invites the viewer into a world full of wonder and curiosity. The excitement of becoming a woman is perfect to celebrate international role-models, and those that are up and coming.