Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Danielle Neu

Look long at the enigmatic energy holding the essence of the DROMe atmosphere in their fall 2019 ad campaign. With no words, no description, photographer Danielle Neu is still able to lense and force a second look at the imagined elements of daydreams and femininity of DROMe’s creative director Marianna Rosati and campaign director Jamie Reid. Inspired by Rumanian artist Constantine Brancusi’s work, Rosati and Reid capture the mystery and magic of the female mind.

When describing her line, Marianna Rosati comments on the inspiration seeping from Brancusi’s sculptures. Constantine Brancusi composed several pieces that touched on important attributes of the DROMe campaign: femininity and fantasy. In his piece PrincessX, Brancusi’s efforts translated to the embodiment of womanhood. Rosati believes the women’s head, supported by the body canvasing her line, carries a mind holding more to her story than many can see. This is the very idea Rosati hopes to capture: the women wearing these clothes are a part of a much larger world of thoughts, ideas, and personal stories that you can gather in just one look.

When looking at her previous work, it is clear that Danielle Neu is the ideal photographer for the job. Noted for her monochromic portraits’ ability to draw deep dreamy emotions from the self, she fits Rosati’s wish for aimed aesthetic of fantastical females. Through the minimal and clean scenes, Neu is able to capture the same curved ambiguous filled shadows as Brancusi’s sculptures.

DROMe Creative Director | Marianna Rosati
Creative Director | Jamie Reid
Art Director | Jamie Reid
Photographer | Danielle Neu
Model | Querelle
Stylist | Emma Wyman
Hair | Tamas Tuzes
Makeup | Emi Kaneko
Casting | Henry Thomas
Set Designer | Mila Taylor-Young
Production | Rep

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