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Store Scout, EDUN New York


Even though one of their headquarters is based in New York, EDUN, the sustainable designer brand, just recently opened its first store in New York on Lafayette Street in SoHo.

The store will maintain the African tradition it upholds and includes African sourced materials. The floor is made entirely from broken tiles of 25 different shades of slate, ceramic, and marble. Using West African customs, the tile is completely repurposed, reshaped, and installed by hand. The fitting room is separated by a wooden wall, which came from a large tree native to the Republic of Congo, the Sapele Pommele. Glass shelves and metallic railings hold the ready-to-wear apparel and a series of accessories.

“We believe that in a physical space the story will unfold in a very natural but compelling way. It will be a place for our consumer to see first-hand the high level of creativity and skill of artisans from the countries we work in, Madagascar, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Rwanda”
– Ali Hewson, Founder of EDUN

265 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10012

(917) 472-7109

Store Hours
Tues. – Sat. 11am – 7pm
Sun. 12pm – 6pm