Facetasm x Coca-Cola Capsule Collection

Facetasm x Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Taps FACETASM for Deconstructed Vintage Capsule

Japanese brand Facetasm, headed by Hiromichi Ochiai, has launched a capsule collection inspired by vintage Coca-Cola wear, and it’s the real thing. Literally. It is the 50th anniversary of Coca-Cola’s “It’s the Real Thing” campaign. When Hiromichi Ochaia visited Coca-Cola archives in Atlanta, he was inspired by what he saw. The Facetasm x Coca-Cola capsule collection will reconstruct those 20th century fashions. This collaboration follows Facetasm’s campaigns with Converse, Woolmark, and Vier. 

The Facetasm x Coca-Cola capsule collection will exist as part of Facetasm’s Fall/Winter 2019 line. The collection has 22 pieces, and reconstructs vintage industrial work wear, making them relevant for the modern consumer. The brand’s use of the “It’s the Real Thing” iconography ensures that the line marries well with the Coca-Cola brand. 

The collaboration includes a Facetasm x Coca-Cola capsule collection special movie and visuals, shot and filmed by Yoshiyuki Okuyama. The 35 second movie is shot with a range of lenses. Models are most often captured moving and dancing through kaleidoscope lenses. They are often cropped faceless, and the movements of their bodies are isolated and highlighted. The movement is fun, playful, and quick. The Coca-Cola iconography is impossible to miss. In this way, the Facetasm x Coca-Cola film is able to merge the personalities of luxury wear and street fashion. 

The collection launches June 26th in L’Eclaireur in Paris. It will then drop in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and other international stores in July. 

Facetasm x Coca-Cola Capsule Collection
Facetasm x Coca-Cola Capsule Collection

Facetasm Creative Director | Hiromichi Ochiai
Art Director | Chihiro Matsumoto 
Director/Photographer | Yoshiyuki Okuyama
Models | Shuntaro Yanagi, Nico Ando, Akito Mizutani, Yuko Nagata
Stylist | Shotaro Yamaguchi
Hair & Makeup | Shinya Kawamura
Editor | Sakiko Fukuhara
Producer | Toshiko Nakashima