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The Store Scout | FAUSTO PUGLISI Milan Flagship


Designer Fausto Puglisi, who first hit the runway in 2013, has taken another stride in building his eponymous line with his first stand-alone boutique located on Milan’s Via della Spiga.

The boutique is located across from Dolce & Gabbana, which is only fitting as the design duo were the first to invite Puglisi to be part of their retail project Spiga 2 in 2010.

For his first flagship the designer drew upon the heritage of his Sicilian design aesthetic, partnering with architect Paolo Rizzo to embody the atmosphere of an ancient Roman “domus,” a place where archeological hints blend with pop iconography mixing myth and reality. The 540-square foot space features a marble mosaic floor that depicts the sun, a signature of the brand. Walls are lined with a succession of black and silver mirrors while in the vestibule, a black and white geometric mosaic (inspired by one dating back to the 1st century) and textured brass paneling showcase the collection.

The collection pieces are presented through a vertical system of bronze chains with each chain supporting a single piece. The chains were created in collaboration with artist and sculptor Alfredo Sasso, who worked as an assistant to Jacques Lipchitz in the making of the world’s largest bronze casting, the “Bellerophon taming Pegasus” statue located across from Columbia University in New York.

The Impression welcomes what we hope will be the first of many of Fausto Puglisi’s retail footprints and applauds the designer for taking the next step in his evolution.

Architect | Paolo Rizzo

Via della Spiga, 1 20121 Milano, Italy
T: +39 02 763 40454
Monday 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM, Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM