Fear of God Home Introduces Loungewear

Fear of God

Home Introduces Loungewear

Review of Fear of God Home Introduces Loungewear Ad Campaign by Creative Director Jerry Lorenzo and Photographer Joshua Kissi with models Adonis Bosso and Saphir Bosso

Fear of God makes itself at home in the luxury loungewear sector: in celebration of its new line of elevated home wear essentials, the brand shares an elegant and cozy new campaign by photographer Joshua Kissi.

The campaign centers around the relationship between star model Adonis Bosso and his son Saphir. In a beautiful wood-paneled space submerged in the world of Fear of God Home, which expands the aesthetic world of simple contemporary design, the father-and-son pair revel in spending their time having nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company.

Set to the aptly-chosen soundtrack of John Coltrane’s and Duke Ellington’s “In a Sentimental Mood,” the black-and-white short film further pushes the sense of intimacy as we see the duo go through simple actions of daily life, with an especially strong and intimate focus on the role of father as caregiver and teacher.

The focus on home and family life feels like an elevated way to approach a luxury loungewear campaign. Fear of God could have, like many other brands, done something lazy or sexy while relying on the current demand for comfy home wear that still seems to be affecting everyone. Instead, they share a thoughtful consideration on the importance of time spent quietly at home. This feels like a truer sense of luxury, one that casts luxuriousness as the ability to comfortably and freely spend time enjoying our surroundings with those we love.

Fear of God Creative Director | Jerry Lorenzo
Creative Director | Jerry Lorenzo
Photographer | Joshua Kissi
Models | Adonis Bosso and Saphir Bosso
Videographer | Lane Stewart
Art Director | Anoma Whittaker
Set Designer | Heath Mattioli
Music | In A Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington and John Coltrane