Fenty Eyewear Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Fenty Eyewear

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Fenty Eyewear celebrates the launch of a trio of new styles with a slickly futuristic campaign.

With photography by Arnaud Lajeunie, the campaign finds a unique note of seductive yet uncanny futurism. Lajeunie makes heavy use of shadow, the face of his model becoming an obscure landscape amid the contrasting play of shadow and light. These are portrait photographs, yet they are not concerned with the way this person looks, but rather what feelings can be evoked by presenting this look in a certain way. These feelings are characterized by tension; they reveal a dynamic duality. The effect of the lighting makes certain aspects of this face and figure look almost digitally rendered, suggesting a tension between the physical and the digital, between human understanding and artificial intelligence. Traditionally gendered qualities of seduction, strength, and softness combine and coexist, pointing to an androgynous sense of sexuality that feels both originally and transcendentally human.

Fenty also released a short film alongside the photographs on their social media. It offers a glimpse at creative director Rihanna’s process as she conceives the designs and works with her team to bring them to life. Though it is much more grounded and lacks the artistic vision of the photography campaign, the video is a welcome behind the scenes look at one of today’s most exciting creative forces.

With this campaign, Fenty looks forward to the future of creative expression in fashion. Lajeunie’s photographs suggest a new perspective on the approach to capturing human form, one which allows the body to express personality without being forced into any particular idea of personhood. It may seem swathed in shadow, but the future looks bright.

Fenty Creative Director | Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Photographer | Arnaud Lajeunie

Fashion Writer | The Impression