Fenty Reimagines Cameo Jewelry Immortalizing African Women's Beauty


Reimagines Cameo Jewelry Immortalizing African Women's Beauty

Cameos are known to have preceded the birth of Christ by 300 years, were collected by Pope Paul II during the Renaissance, became an obsession of Napoléons, and today have finally been reinvented by Rihanna and Jahleel Weaver for Fenty.

Historically, cameo jewelry has been worn as a statement of intent, belief, or power. In ancient Greece, women wore cameos bearing the portrait of Eros, the God of Love, to express their sexuality or Medusa with her snake hair to ward off demons. During the Elizabethan period, women began collecting cameos to prove cultural status. Today Fenty has reframed the iconic item with the features of a black women’s profile, offering not a singular definition of beauty, but offering a symbol of the beauty of difference. Some adorned in Swarovski embellishments, others circled with pearls.

To honor a new contemporary heroine, Nigerian-born, Yorkshire-based photographer Ruth Ossai teamed with hair-stylist Issac Poleon to focus on the silhouettes and sculptural beauty of the afro hairstyle.

Less than a year after the birth of Fenty, the female lead LVMH label is leading the industry in redefining how a brand can balance luxury with inclusion to produce a genuine connection with its audience who embraces each release as a collectible.

Fenty Creative Director | Rihanna
Photographer | Ruth Ossai
Models | Amalia Vairelli, Yvette Fontalio Dowland, Isla Dowland,
Stylist | Jahleel Weaver
Hair | Issac Poleon
Makeup | Afro Lion
Manicurist | Sylvie Macmillan
Casting Director | Chloe Rosolek
Set Designer | Studio Augmenta
Producer | Julie Machin