Filippa K Spring/Summer 2022 ad campaign photo

Filippa K

Summer Swimwear 2022 Ad Campaign

Review of Filippa K Spring 2022 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Liisa Kessler with Photographer Timothy Schaumburg and Videographer Gustav Stegfors with Models Kuany Atem, Afra Wendel Bommarco, Lucia Clement Wani, Samuel Rydbacken, and Raphaël Cousin

Filippa K takes a polar plunge in an icily cool new swimwear campaign for Summer 2022. Marking the first campaign from the brand under the leadership of new creative director Liisa Kessler, the campaign also features photography by Timothy Schaumburg and videography by Gustav Stegfors.

As Filippa K’s first successor to the brand’s eponymous founder Filippa Knutsson, Kessler has begun her time with the brand by taking inspiration from the emotions and energy of its early days. The capsule nods to the minimalistic swimsuits of the 90s with understated, sensual silhouettes.

Furthering this connection to Nordic culture and heritage, the creative director’s debut campaign takes shape as an homage to the Swedish tradition of ice bathing. Shot in the bare, frozen tundra of northern Sweden, Schaumburg’s and Stegfors’ imagery aligns the human form with the beauty of its surrounding landscape.

The bodies of the joyful young protagonists and the consciously minimalist shapes of the swim pieces they wear cut a striking look against the beautifully desolate tundra landscape, creating a mood that feels both electrifyingly exciting – much like the shock of jumping into ice-cold water – and harmoniously soothing.

A swimwear capsule and campaign might seem like an unexpected debut for a new creative director, but the strength and clarity of vision here make it seem like the perfect choice. Liisa Kessler and her creative team handle the Filippa K ethos and vision with deftness and understanding, and we’re looking forward to seeing more from them very soon.

Fillipa K Creative Director | Liisa Kessler
Photographer | Timothy Schaumburg
Videographer | Gustav Stegfors
Models | Kuany Atem, Afra Wendel Bommarco, Lucia Clement Wani, Samuel Rydbacken, and Raphaël Cousin
Hair | Ruby Howes
Makeup | Paige Whiting
Light | Kristina Weinhold
Music | Original music composed by Sam Bower
Cello and Electrinics | toechter, Marie-Claire Schlameus
Location | Mattias Sjöstedt