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The Store Scout | FRAME  Los Angeles


Frame Founders Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede have already created the fastest growing premium brand in the U.S. But this month the founders launched yet another accelerator to their bullet train growth, their first retail store on Hayden Avenue in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a fitting first home for Frame retail as the city is home to the labels global headquarters as well as an influence on the brand’s heritage which fuses European and Californian design sensibilities. The stores interior reflects those sensibilities through the use of materials such as Californian Redwood in the ceiling and windows, to the naturally tonal, organic and modernist feel to the space reminisce of mid-century California Modernism architects like Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler.

Not unlike many modernist homes of the times, the store features the unexpected warmth of a fireplace which compliments the stone and marble fixtures. Outside, a wooden marquee creates abstract shadows over the alleyway giving further architectural impact. That juxtaposition is also displayed through the use of a galvanized steel small metal table at the soft seating section adjacent to the more refined materials such as wood and marble.

A New York store, to launch this summer, is on Torstensson’s and Grede’s horizon. The pair has plan to inject the NY space with several gallery elements to reflect New York’s love of the arts. Which is only fitting after all, they named their brand FRAME.

Frame-Denim-los-angeles-store-the-impression-01 Frame-Denim-los-angeles-store-the-impression-02 Frame-Denim-los-angeles-store-the-impression-03 Frame-Denim-los-angeles-store-the-impression-04

Location |
 8467 Melrose Place , Los Angeles, CA 90069