Giorgio Armani Fall 2019 Ad Campaign with Kate Moss

Giorgio Armani

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign with Kate Moss

Take notes from how Giorgio Armani plays his cards for fall as the designer doubles down while teaming up for his latest ad campaign for the first time ever with supermodel Kate Moss. This birth of a new partnership between two fashion industry icons plays out under the lens of photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot.

The campaign captures Armani’s, “Rhapsody in Blue” collection, through the inclusion of both black and white and color imagery. This combination mirrors the mixture of classical music and jazz rhythms in its namesake Gershwin concerto. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, accustomed to working with Armani, document Moss as she saunters through a minimal set wearing the suit-like pieces signature to the Armani brand. Purposefully, Alas and Piggot have placed the large focus on Moss and the clothing’s details to further stress Giorgio Armani’s remark earlier this year: “It’s time for elegance again.”

Giorgio Armani plays a very smart card here affiliating his brand with the fashion icon Kate Moss. For those in the industry that may have found themselves straying from the acclaimed and traditional Armani aura, the incorporation of Ms. Moss and her fashion industry credibility forces a (quite convincing) second look to the house for leadership. Being one of the most notable supermodels in the fashion world for some time now, Kate Moss is voluntarily thriving as the “Queen of Hearts” in Armani’s card game.

This newfound “dynamic duo” is paired along another first-timer for the Armani Brand. In February at the Armani Silos exhibition space in Milan, Giorgio Armani showcased a coed format of his dignified brand with Kate Moss’s work along with two male models, Daisuke Ueda and Thijs Stenneberg, wearing the men’s line.

Moss’ work with Armani’s fall campaign places promise in both return of the house to fashion prominence and industry leadership. Holding a royal pair, Giorgio Armani places Kate Moss’ incorporation in the Italian designer’s campaign to bet a sure winning hand.

Giorgio Armani Creative Director | Giorgio Armani
Photographer/Director | Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Models | Kate Moss, Daisuke Ueda, & Thijs Stenneberg
Stylist | Jane How
Hair | Syd Hayes
Makeup | Lauren Parsons