Gold Rush

Couture Spring 2021 Trend

Couture Spring 2021 runway shows and fashion presentations have struck gold! This cousin of silver and bronze is associated with the mystical as it represents illumination, love, compassion, courage, magic, and wisdom. The precious metal is also associated with wealth, power, and grandeur.

Gold is, by all means of the word, malleable and can manifest itself in several ways as the Couture runway has proven. It is both a symbolic in both pagan and Christian stories, from Golden apples to golden fleeces, both shaping its meaning and connotations today. 

This season’s designers seem to have tapped into their inner mystic as they guild models in gold. Dior, in particular, explores the connection between gold and fortune. The collection’s romantic Medival undertones lend themselves to gold’s symbolism and themes of prosperity. As Valentino‘s gold masked models conjure King Midas’s tragic daughter’s image, she accidentally turns to solid gold. The collection acts like modern armor; as Valentino knows, there’s no better defense than a sky-high platform pump. Schiaparelli explores the artisanal side of gold, forging work that’s unique and full of character.

Stéphane Rolland

Yuima Nakazato