Gucci Promotes DIY Project with New ArtWalls

Gucci | Promotes DIY Project with New ArtWalls

The Gucci ArtWalls have unveiled a new look, celebrating the Italian fashion house’s DIY project. The global ArtWalls each feature a different artist’s work inspired by Gucci DIY knits, accessories and jewelry.

American illustrator and frequent collaborator Jayde Fish took over the ArtWalls in Shanghai and Hong Kong with a giant mural of a customized Ophidia tote serving miniature people wearing Gucci. In New York, Thai illustrator Phannapast Taychamaythakool created a psychedelic image featuring the Ace Sneakers.

Angela Dean from Florida drew friendly ghosts in Gucci sweaters for the Milan ArtWall, Ashley Longshore from Louisiana did a portrait of a girl in a green cable-knit sweater and large pink, red and yellow glasses, and finally the debuting Taipei ArtWall features a crest by Alex Merry that draws inspiration from the Ophidia tote and was made a reality by graphic master Mr. Yan.

Each ArtWall illustration features letters that nod to the artists’ initials or to the DIY project. Jayde Fish, Phannapast Taychamaythakool, and Alex Merry, in particular, chose to display their initials in their art works.


New York City


The three artists also worked with Gucci in recent years. Fish’s work appeared in the Gucci Summer 2017 collection and at the Gucci Garden exhibit in Florence, Taychamaythakool partnered with Gucci on its Le Marcheì des Merveilles jewelry collection in July 2017, the Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori scent and the #GucciGram Tian project, and Merry did Décor illustrations for the House in 2017.

The Gucci ArtWalls are essentially advertising spaces, but Gucci uses the real estate to promote its collections and its collaborators. Using the ArtWalls to push its DIY project is sure to pique the interest of creative consumers that would like to try their hand at personalization.