Hood by Air

Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Hood by Air Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Christopher Simmonds & Photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez with model Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell flaunts her matriarch status in a comeback campaign for Hood by Air. The striking Spring 2021 campaign features art direction from Christopher Simmonds and photography by Luis Alberto Rodriguez.

Led by founder and creative director Shayne Oliver, Hood by Air shook up the fashion world in 2006, when it debuted its visionary combination of streetwear and avant-garde couture. A decade later, the brand retreated into the shadows as Oliver took on a special appointment at Helmut Lang. Now, Hood by Air makes an explosive return with a stunning collection and campaign.

The collection is an awesome combination of contemporary couture, streetwear, and technical experimentation. A sophisticated sense of tailoring, perhaps picked up at Helmut Lang, can be seen in jackets and a beautifully worked dress. But no piece is just one thing; these more traditional elements are given a unique technical treatment, and the results seem like a sophisticated streetwear of the future. The recurring puffy jacket with extra-long sleeves is especially astronaut-like.

Hood by Air make the perfect choice in casting for the comeback campaign, recruiting the legend herself, Naomi Campbell.

Rodriguez captures her in rich, reverent black-and-white studio portraiture, and she almost seems to levitate. The appearance of the word “Mother” in Simmonds’ slick art direction seems to confirm our suspicion that Campbell embodies a matriarch figure. This title is also a probable reference to the brand’s aesthetic origins in NYC drag ball culture, where each house is led by a Mother.

The word “Prologue” also appears, positioning us to expect more from the brand very soon. A new chapter seems to be upon us, a new beginning. Could Hood by Air be getting us ready for a return to the runway? The campaign does feel like a strong and focused statement of the brand’s identity.

It exhibits a keen awareness of their unique role in the wider course of the modern history of fashion. It also proves that a return from Hood by Air might be just what the fashion world needs right now.

We can’t wait to see what they do with it.

Hood by Air Creative Director | Shayne Oliver
Agency | Simmonds ltd.
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds
Photographer | Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Model | Naomi Campbell
Stylist | Carlos Nazario
Hair | Lorenzo Barcella
Makeup | Daniel Sallstrom
Producer | Alexis Piqueras