Isa Boulder Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos

Isa Boulder

Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Isa Boulder Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Carlijn Jacobs with models Calista, Laurina Lubino, and Louise Lefebure 

Isa Boulder makes waves with a bold new Spring 2021 campaign. Featuring photography by Carlijn Jacobs, the campaign feels like a strong restatement of the brand’s commitments to artisanal craftsmanship, individual style, and its home of Bali.

The collection combines impressively technical knitwork and unique approaches to fabric and construction for an avant-garde exploration of swimwear. Jacobs’ portraits do strong work in showing how these designs are thoughtfully made to interact with the human body and the world around it.

These photographs also offer a powerful sense of character. The bodies of Jacobs’ models reach out of the frame of each shot, and she captures them from lower angles. Both of these techniques have the effect of making these women seem larger than life, both in terms of physicality and personality. Jacobs makes smart use of water as well, partially submerging her models and her camera to create interesting refraction effects and highlight the aquatic flexibility of the pieces.

Projected graphics depicting a serene sunset on Isa Boulder’s island home of Bali give the campaign a personal finishing touch. Thoughtfully conceived and created, the campaign offers striking visuals and a strong statement of the brand’s unique identity.

Photographer | Carlijn Jacobs
Models | Calista, Louise Lefebure, and Laurina Lubino
Stylist | Morgane Camille Nicolas
Hair | Yuji Okuda
Makeup | Anthony Preel
Production | Cinq Étoiles Productions
Casting Director | Nicola Kast
Graphics | Faye and Gina