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John Hardy returns to its Balinese roots with its first US flagship store, the brand’s first retail store under CEO Robert Hanson.


Hand-carved tree roots, a custom soundscape, and changing lighting are just a few things that you will see at the first John Hardy US flagship store. The New York and Bali based luxury jewelry brand opened a 1,200-square-foot flagship store on 118 Prince Street in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood.

John Hardy partnered with architecture firm Design Republic to develop the store that features natural and locally sourced materials such as black walnut used to make large jewelry display tables and carved wood details throughout the store. The centerpiece of the flagship is a large-scale art installation of hand-carved teakwood root by Balinese artisan Made (pronounced Maa Deh) that celebrates Hardy’s passion for art, environmental sculpture and sustainability.

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The flagship store creates a full sensory experience inspired by Bali with a Ketra lighting system that dims in honor of the island’s sunrise 13 hours ahead and changing sounds that compliment the sun rising and setting. Finally, John Hardy devotes its second floor to artists with a concept space that serves as a sanctuary for artisans. The Workshop displays the art of jewelry making including sketches, mold-making and special techniques.

Founded in Bali in 1975, John Hardy was heavily inspired by the Indonesian island to establish his own jewelry line. The brand highlights its heritage and influences under the direction of Robert Hanson, who was appointed CEO in 2014 following John Hardy’s acquisition by Catterton Partners.



Architect | Design Republic
Balinese Artists | Made, Biasa

118 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012


Mon.-Sat. 10am-6pm
Sun. 12pm-5pm