JW Anderson Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

JW Anderson

Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

Just a year ago last February, JW Anderson launched the Your Picture/Our Future campaign, where photographers submitted six original photos to the London-based label for a chance to shoot its Fall 2018 campaign with three photographers chosen.

Thankfully JW Anderson has continued to support those talents as one of the three, Julie Greve has produced one of this season’s most emoting campaigns entitled Jagged Whispers Ashore. The campaign is a surprise given just a year ago the young artist was simply submitting for the chance to shoot a fashion campaign. Low and behold Greve, under the guidance of Anderson and agency M/M Paris, has quite the dramatic photography chops especially in film.

The video has hints of the influence of Swedish filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman. Captured in black in white, the haunting narrative opens from a seaside window as a ghost-like waif peers inside then turns to walk directly to the sea. Director of Photography Jan Vrhovnik helps to build a dreamlike environment placing the viewer a part of the lonely tribe navigating the isle with sweeping winds while peering out to sea as if waiting for a sail to come across the horizon.

The campaign is beautifully art directed by M/M Paris who wisely treats the campaign as a foldout old sailcloth with eyelets atop. A hand-drawn, vintage-like sailing icon in red is also added to the designer’s repertoire.

The real credit though goes to Anderson himself who took the energy to not only identify new talent but give that talent room to grow, nurturing it along the way. One never knows what the tide will bring, and that is the beauty of another day.

JW Anderson Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

JW Anderson Creative Director | JW Anderson
Agency | M/M Paris
Creative Directors | Mathias Augustyniak & Michael Amzalag
Photographer/Director | Julie Greve
Director of Photography | Jan Vrhovnik
Talent | Eva, Ingvild, Matilde Rose, Katrine
Stylist | Benjamin Bruno
Post Production | Studio RM
Music | Soviet Science