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Kiko Kostadinov

Spring 2020 Fashion Show

The Impression Review Score

CSC_1145-10207206 CSC_1152-10207206 CSC_1162-10207206 CSC_1172-10207206 CSC_1179-10207206 CSC_1188-10207206 CSC_1196-10207206 CSC_1205-10207206 CSC_1213-10207206 CSC_1222-10207206 CSC_1230-10207206 CSC_1242-10207206 CSC_1251-10207206 CSC_1261-10207206 CSC_1270-10207206 CSC_1279-10207206 CSC_1286-10207206 CSC_1299-10207206 CSC_1310-10207206 CSC_1317-10207206 CSC_1326-10207206 CSC_1333-10207206 CSC_1346-10207206 CSC_1358-10207206 CSC_1366-10207206 CSC_1378-10207206

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