Koché Fall 2020 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of Koché’s Fall 2020 Ad Campaign by Philippe Jarrigeon

Koché depicts the psychedelic bliss of love in a new Fall 2020 campaign featuring photography by Philippe Jarrigeon.

The campaign is another great example of Koché’s role in the fight for openness and inclusivity in fashion. It features a diverse young cast across a spectrum of colors and gender expressions, and celebrates the freedom to love.

For both his photographs and film, Jarrigeon employs a lo-fi, vaporwave aesthetic in capturing this cast. He uses colorful, shifting projections to paint the backdrop in a kaleidoscope of color and motion. 80’s-esque synthesizers swell as the models pose expressively before this shifting scene, either alone or together, where they smile into the camera, look thoughtfully away, or embrace for a lovers’ kiss.

Creative director Christelle Kocher seems to design for the sake of freedom; her clothes are a gift to help their wearers express themselves freely, no matter their identity. Jarrigeon and the whole creative team behind the campaign do a beautiful job in illustrating the beauty and joy this freedom brings.

Koché Creative Director | Christelle Kocher
Photographer | Philippe Jarrigeon
Models | Ange, Regina Anikiy, Coulio Diouf, Zuleica Eliana, Santa K & Sana Shin
Stylist | Marc Goehring
Digital | Sarah Alewtina Reimann
Hair | Miwa Moroki
Makeup | Louisa Trapier
Photo Assistants | Christian Bragg & Quentin Lacombe