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Ksubi x Travis Scott Capsule Collection


Musicians collaborating with designer brands has been common lately, such as Lil Yachty and Nautica, Kanye West and Adidas, and Rihanna and Puma. The latest capsule collection with Travis Scott and, Australian streetwear designer, Ksubi is therefore not surprising.

This 10-piece capsule collection features everything from nylon bombers and oversized, heavily distressed denim jackets, to statement tees, and baggy jeans. Under Scott’s creative direction, he added some of his own personal touches, such as a hand-drawn version of his eagle motif.

Scott has been wearing Ksubi for many years. The brand can also be seen on other artists of the hip-hop community, like The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky.

Wanting to pay tribute to his Houston, Texas background, Scott featured heavily distressed, double pocket denim jeans. The rapper claims that distressed jeans represent how someone’s been through a lot, and is not afraid to get dirty. Denim jeans are also what Ksubi is most noted for.

This pairing is not the first time that Scott has worked with a designer label. Earlier this year, he launched a rather successful collection with Helmut Lang.

With the frequency of these well-known artists and designer brands pairing up together, to combine ideas, we at The Impression are interested to see is if more brands will continue this trend and what other artists they will team up with.