Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

World-renowned tennis apparel brand Lacoste is back and better than ever with their newest ad campaign, featuring three different designers, each with their own vision and style, coming together in beautiful harmony. All featuring their iconic crocodile logo of course.

This new campaign, titled Crocoseries, is the culmination of the designs of artists Jeremyville, Friends With You, and Jean-Michel Tixier. Creative Director Louise Trotter ingeniously puts all three on display with the release of three entertaining cartoon clips, showing the unique styles of the designers. These are accompanied by a longer fashion film displaying the collection in a style reminiscent of the retro look of the 90s.

The eye-catching graphics and bright colors are as appealing as ever, as they’re complemented by the controlled background of classic boom-boxes and old televisions. Trotter has done a fantastic job combining the visions of all three creatives, allowing each to shine in their own right.

The almost 90-year-old fashion house continues to amaze, proving how athletic and laid-back style is just as impressive as any haute couture could ever be. Here’s to seeing where this fun-loving crocodile will take us next!

Lacoste Creative Director | Louise Trotter
Artist Collaborators | Jeremyville, Friends With You, and Jean-Michel Tixier