Frame Celebrates Lara Stone by going Dutch in Paris

FRAME DENIM hosts a Dutch themed dinner in Paris to toast the face of their spring campaign  LARA STONE.


You have to hand it good marketers who know how to bridge genres as well as countries. In the midst of Paris fashion week Frame co-founders, Jens Grede and Erik Tortensson, did just that by transforming Caviar Kaspia’s back room into a Dutch-themed family dining hall. All of course to pay tribute to the face of their latest campaign, Dutch supermodel Lara Stone.

While plenty of brands host parties, what separates the duo from the pack is quite simply how well they and their team do themed events and give us all a reason to help celebrate with them. All the while generating a ground swell of support that generates good will among the fashion flock wishing them nothing but success.

Frame doesn’t particularly have a place in Paris fashion week, they show in New York. The house does a strong campaign but doesn’t necessarily have the beef of a large media buy. What they do have is brains and a witticism to do seasonal events like last season beer-pong as well as leverage their network. They even went dutch with Grey Goose who supplied Dirty Vodka Martini’s to wash down the caviar filled baked potatoes.

And with an LA store on the horizon as the band starts their next phase of retail expansion, we are looking forward to their next soirée, anticipating tinseltown tacos.

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