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Le Book Hosted Connections NYC 2017, The Custom-Made Tradeshow for the Creative Community


Long before the fashion and arts industries sought out and discovered talent on the Internet, there was Le Book and Connections, the global agency and media group’s annual custom-made tradeshow for the creative community. Founded by Véronique Kolasa in 1982, Le Book is still the number one resource for creatives, and the company proved it once again at Connections NYC 2017.

Connections NYC 2017 was held at the iconic Pearl River Mart in SoHo, the first location of the longtime, downtown Manhattan fixture, and it housed agencies such as Quadriga, The Full Service, Fohr Card and more. Various booths and stations allowed for attendees to discover new talent in creative communities, build on current relationships and brainstorm ideas.

Ars Thanea, a creative production agency based in New York City and Warsaw, built a station dedicated to virtual reality and augmented reality that definitely got the creative juices flowing. Hot Mess” pair Noah Dillion and model Luka Sabbat were also in attendance, hosting a popup and photographing attendees to make them part of their “Hot Mess.”

Connections has been a platform for creative discovery around the world. Bringing together the highest level of content creators & creative services. Over time we’ve seen a significant evolution in the demands of the industry, revolving more and more around brands directly. We’ve also seen a constant influx of new creative disciplines; acting as a real time reflection of the evolving needs of marketing and communications through multiple mediums. We’ve never been more excited by the opportunities available to bring connections to global markets and categories around the world.

- Michael Kazam, Le Book Co-Founder

As wonderful as Connections sounds, how can it survive and thrive in a modern age where everyone is a fingertip away? The Internet has made the ‘six degrees of separation’ a much tighter loop, especially in the creative industries where seemingly everybody knows everybody. Where does Connections fit in all of this?

Through Le Book’s Le Creative online magazine and Connections trade show, companies can cut through the clutter and go straight to the source. Connections is the most opportune time for an artist’s story to be told, for someone to get an idea of an artist’s personality, and for companies to establish lasting relationships with agents that can ensure the right creative is hired to actualize a project’s vision.

An artist’s talent shines through their work, but their character lies dormant. Photographers like Billy Kidd and Melanie + Ramon, who are both represented Walter Schupfer Management, have fantastic back stories that are as impressive as their work, but you appreciate their work more when you learn who they really are and how they work.

Establishing and maintaining relationships online does not have the effect as human connection. Connecting in person can inspire one to produce their best work or elevate another through teaching, experimentation and collaboration. Connections does not acknowledge “likes” and “followers”, nor does it need to in this modern age. Budding artists can continue to show their growth with their friends and growing fan bases, but Le Book and Connections takes creatives from the minor leagues to the majors.

Photos Courtesy of Le Book