Lemaire Releases Spring 2021 Capsule Collection In Ode To Artist Martín Ramírez

Lemaire Draws Inspiration From Mexican Artist Martín Ramírez For Its Latest Capsule Collection

Parisian brand Lemaire has created a capsule collection based on figurative and abstract drawings by Mexican artist Martín Ramírez [1895-1963]. Helmed by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, the reinterpretation by Lemaire reflects Ramírez’s compelling need for freedom, reorientation, and metamorphosis.

Lemaire’s design approach is to create versatile pieces designed for everyday life. The capsule collection is inspired by Ramirez’s clear-line illustrations, Madonna, Boat and Canal, Landscape, Horse and Rider 1 and 2, faithfully transposed to their original format. Made up of unisex shirts, tops, skirts, dresses, jackets, a scarf, and a bag, the pieces unfold in an atmosphere with warm tones of graphic escapism.

Considered one of the greatest self-taught master draftsmen of the 20th century, Martín Ramírez suffered a life marked by the trials of migration, labor exploitation, cultural displacement, forced isolation, and mental disorders.

Today, his body of work is the subject of numerous exhibitions in museums and an edition of Martín Ramírez Forever commemorative stamps, sponsored by the US Postal Service.

Ramírez’s creations and life sadly remind us of the adage that great art comes out of great suffering. But from that suffering, a beautiful collection has arisen in appreciation from the house of Lemaire.

Photos | Estelle Hanania

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