LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi

“Le Slip” Summer 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi “Le Slip” Summer 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Ismael Moumin

LGN has us feeling some type of way…

LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi embraces vintage sex appeal in a steamy campaign for the brand’s new Le Slip briefs. Photographer Ismael Moumin’s imagery pays homage to editorial classifieds found at the end of vintage erotic magazines.

Le Slip marks the brand’s first foray into underwear. Nouchi’s design work for the piece reflects his penchant for asymmetricality and sensuality, while the campaign brings these elements in line with the love of literature that conceptually characterizes each of his collections.

Before the age of internet pornography and hookup apps, there were erotic magazines. The last few pages of these magazines were typically dedicated to classifieds, ad space where individuals or companies could share whatever it was they were into in hopes of making a connection. Throughout the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, these spaces were especially important for young gay men who, due to cultural repression, might be otherwise unable to find a partner or community.

Moumin’s campaign photographs pay artful and erotic homage to this promised land of male homoerotic discovery. Briefs-clad hunks pose sensually, a copy of one of the legendary libertine philosopher Marquis de Sade’s ever-so-sultry texts always close at hand. Mustaches and vintage lettering and art direction help round out the sense of the retro. We feel as if we should stash these images away, then spend a solitary evening looking them over.

At once alive and frozen in time, the imagery is undeniably sexy and alluring. But the campaign really takes it to the next level with its thoughtful conceptual work. In resurrecting a forgotten medium of male erotic expression, the imagery stands against the virtual trends of today, proudly celebrating the physical presence of flesh, blood, bone, and muscle – and, of course, the sexiest one of them all: the mind.

LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi Creative Director | Louis Gabriel Nouchi
Graphics | Joel Colover
Photographer | Ismael Moumin
Models | Francois X, Danya, Eric Romaguera
Hair | Olivier Schawalder
Makeup | Caroline Fenouil
Set Design | Paf Atelier

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression