Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Longchamp Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film by Agency Fred & Farid, Director Lope Serrano with Mathilde Ollivier and Amber Anderson

Longchamp kicks of the spring season in style with a new campaign that celebrates the endless possibilities of their home city of Paris. The film is directed by Lope Serrano and features an exciting cast of up-and-coming actors.

The film follows two young women – one transplant from London, and one life-long Parisian – both seeking to make the most of the city of love. In opposite corners of the same bar, they each recount to a friend the details of their tribulations in romance both online and IRL. Being immaculate dressers, they both have identical Longchamp bags – and when they go to leave at the same time, the bags are swapped. This mistake turns out to be especially tragic for our French protagonist, as her bag contains her beloved kitten, Blanche.

While we know that inevitably the bags will be returned at the end of the film, we thoroughly enjoy the journey we take to get there. The production team keeps things exciting with beautiful shots of Paris and smart editing, weaving in surprising moments of light-hearted cinematic surrealism. A fitting soundtrack is provided by the enchanting vocals of singer-songwriter Clara Luciani, who reinterprets a cult-favorite French song from 1968 originally sung by Jacques Dutronc.

Longchamp makes smart moves by recruiting high-level agency Fred & Farid and working with talented actors and production crew on the campaign. Together they tell a heartfelt and visually gorgeous story, which imbues one of Longchamp’s signature pieces with character and endless possibility – très Paris!

Longchamp Creative Director | Sophie Delafontaine
Agency | Fred & Farid
Director | Lope Serrano
Production | Collectif Canada
Talent | Amber Anderson, Mathilde Ollivier, Pauline Hoarau, Estelle Chen & Bartholomew Boutellis
Location | Paris
Music | ‘Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille,’ by Jacques Dutronc, interpreted by Clara Luciani