Magda Butrym

Summer 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Magda Butrym ‘Ode To The Sun’ Summer 2021 Ad Campaign by Photographer Kat Irlin with models Adot and Tricia

Maga Butrym celebrates its first-ever swimwear collection with a new campaign for Summer 2021. “Ode to the Sun” is a beautiful and exquisitely-colored series of images by photographer Kat Irlin.

The collection is the first foray into swimwear for the designer’s eponymous womenswear label, which is seeing an exciting rise in popularity and may become the epitome of post-pandemic fashion.

The design process was challenging as the expressive possibilities of swimsuits are limitless. I decided to take some of the “leisure” and the “holidays” out of it and transpose it towards more elevated pieces. That’s why my collection surpasses the conventional meanings conveyed by beachwear. I wanted to create something you can experience beyond your holidays. I wanted it to be something that fits into your life. The sort of swimsuit I would wear all day myself. Breaking the standards, I take my swimsuit to the beach but I also style it with an elegant suit, silk skirt or casual pair of jeans.

– Magdalena Butrym

Shooting in both color and black and white, Irlin captures models Adot and Tricia on the beaches of Miami, where they lounge on the sand or dance joyfully along the shore. Irlin plays with the toning of the color images, augmenting the blue tones while turning down the yellows. This has the effect of emphasizing the presence of the sea, deepening the feeling of dreamy luxury, and making the few instances of red elegantly pop. It also highlights the beauty of her models’ dark skin.

It shouldn’t need to be a major achievement, but the fact that both of the models are dark-skinned black women is noteworthy. While black creatives are actively working to champion black beauty and excellence, it’s extremely rare to see an all-black cast from a white European creative director – the emphasis on diversity can actually sometimes feel forced. So it is great to see Irlin and Butrym make the move without calling any special attention to their allyship; they just focus on making a beautiful series of images, and they succeed.

The campaign is an incredibly strong swimwear debut for the label, marrying the simple and universal joy of feeling the sun with an elevated sense of freedom and elegance – and doing it beautifully.

Magda Butrym Creative Director | Magdalena Butrym 
Photographer | Kat Irlin
Models | Adot and Tricia
Stylist | Anna Katsanis
Location | Miami, USA