Maison Margiela | Fall 2018 Couture | The Set-Up

Fashion shows are typically both a mirror to the cosmic consciousness as well as a reflection of tomorrow. John Galliano’s most recent couture collection for Maison Margiela hit on several hot topics from the role of technology today to the very meaning of couture today. Both dealt with today and yesterday, but what of tomorrow?

It would appear that the house had a clever way to showcase tomorrow beyond the clothing as if you look closely, one will find the forthcoming design elements of the houses retail stores in the backdrop of the show. In order to unveil the company’s new architectural identity, Creative Director John Galliano, alongside Dutch architecture practice Studio Anne Holtrop, created artistic backdrops drawing inspiration from the artisanal codes of the Maison itself. These codes will morph into the redesign of the flagship stores later this year.

By creating gypsum walls and columns, molded to lean and dent, Holtrop’s architecture exhibits the notions of “unconscious glamour and dressing in haste,” that are common traits of the Maison. The innovative move is not out of character for the company, as it follows a similar color scheme with the typical dress of employees. According to a press release, the backdrops “preserve the memory of fabric in the indentation of the material in which they were cast, evoking a tactile look of toile. The objects retain the natural white tones of gypsum, honoring at once the authenticity of the plaster and the signature color code of Maison Margiela.”

Though the company is typically known for letting the clothing speak for itself, letting it be the art, nothing is ever as it seems at the Maison. In this case, both the fashion and the space is the art.

“In our work with creative director John Galliano for Maison Margiela, we explore the material, the form and the process of making,” Holtrop revealed, “The Artisanal codes of the house are used to define gestures related to materials, creating a new architectural identity.”

The nature-like wall panels were made in Northern Italy over a span of four weeks, and were moved into the show space in 3 days. This new form of architecture is only a preview of the redesign of Maison Margiela flagship stores set for late 2018.

With this new design comes a new beginning for the Maison. So here is to new beginnings and being open to change!

Maison Margiela Creative Director | John Galliano
Set Architect | Anne Hiltrop