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For their spring campaign via creative director PASCAL DANGIN, the design house of MAIYET has found a powerful combination.


For the past number of years, the wave of political correctness, coupled with economic uncertainty and a plethora of technology have put to sleep several victims on their path to mass conservatism: namely, punk and sex.

These essential and compelling elements never actually die, but they do lay dormant, casually waking periodically to peek out from a fashion image or two, only to hit the snooze alarm when they see the climate they have woken to. Creative Director Pascal Dangin of KiDS knows these two all too well, and for his latest campaign for the luxury house of Maiyet, has woken the pair from their slumber.

Along with photographer Casper Sejersen, the duo has captured the essence of artisanal eroticism in what is perhaps the singular sexiest ad campaign fashion has seen in years. The campaign drips in the most sophisticated of ways, part dream, and part scene from Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Punk woke on the softer side of the bed, finding himself in aspirt of restraint as he placed a surgical rubber sheet over a floral arrangement, while also suggesting that the locations are a hybrid of corporate office meets lovers’ lair. While many may focus on model Anna Cleveland and her fashionable heritage, or other parts of her, we prefer the idea of anonymity and  mystery that is purposefully prevalent in the campaign.

Kudos to Maiyet’s Creative Director Declan Kearney for pairing with Dangin and waking the sleeping giants that deserve to roam free. The Impression’s only hope is that the fiscal powers that be at the house recognize the power of the pair they have woken, and continue to host them as guests of the brand. These two are worth spending on as they give lavishly in proportion to what they receive.

Agency | KiDS
Creative Director | Pascal Dangin
Photographer | Casper Sejersen
Model | Anna Cleveland

Collection Creative Director | Declan Kearney