Maje Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Coco Capitan

Maje | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

To celebrate their 20th anniversary Maje has turned to creative director Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone and photographer/artist Coco Capitan to help them write the next chapter for Maje’s Fall 2018 ad campaign. And taking inspiration from a university yearbook that chapter is  literally a page-turner as the duo has created one of the strongest graphic campaigns in years.

Blending Capitan’s hand drawn doodles and notes with yearbook style portraits, the campaign takes the readers back to 1998, the year Judith Milgrom founded the the house of Maje. Models Irene Guarenas, Agnes Nieske Abma, Senegalese Algerian, are all wisely cast to represent 20-somethings of collegiate age. Toss in a few textbooks, wire frame glasses, notebooks and pencils and we are right back in class staring out the window wondering what the future holds.

Which brings us to the institutional learnings, twenty years is no small feat for any label and the house of Maje was always a quick study, teaming with talent to stand out and tell strong campaign stories. Congratulations to a successful 20. Your look every bit as young as when you graduated and here is to us all joining them for the 25th, 30th, and 40th reunion.

Maje Artistic Director | Judith Milgrom
Creative Director | Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet-Napoleone
Photographer | Coco Capitan
Model | Irene Guarenas, Agnes Nieske Abma, Senegalese Algerian
Stylist | Charlotte Collet
Hair | Louis Ghewy
Makeup | Georgina Graham
Set Designer | Georgina Pragnell
Production | White Dot Production