Mango Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2020 Ad Campaign by Ezra Petronio & Glen Luchford

Mango has collaborated with Petronio Studio Art Director Ezra Petronio and Photographer/Director Glen Luchford to deliver an ad campaign with a narrative about a group of young friends traveling together in Valladolid and Mérida, Mexico. When it comes to art direction, there is much to be applauded due to the campaign’s subtle analogous color schemes, the short film’s beautiful cinematography, and art direction that is generally on point.

Part of what makes this campaign strong is the quality of the copywriting in the short film because the content and tone of the voice-over feel earnest, heartfelt and genuine. The protagonist accurately describes the way foreign travel with loved ones can inspire, and how “…all of it brings us closer somehow, in quiet ways, ways that we aren’t always aware of.” There is truth to this sentiment, and the feeling of a personal video diary is magnified by brief moments that are filmed to mimic the protagonist’s point of view. Atmospheric elements such as dappled sunlight, chipped paint and stucco, and shadowy foliage in tropical courtyards adds layers of sunny innocence.

Perhaps the only element that breaks the suspension of disbelief is the vintage car; although admittedly it looks fabulous from an aesthetic point of view, it is not a very practical choice for young travelers. Aside from maintenance costs and liability insurance to rent or buy such an impeccably restored vehicle, cars from that era also use a lot of gasoline, which may serve as an unintentional reminder that international vacations and a long road trip may coincide with a crisis of conscience for those who care deeply about sustainability issues.

On the other hand, the film’s vintage turntable, furniture, and table fans all fit in seamlessly…as if they might have been included along with an Air BnB as an added perk, contributing to the slightly-retro 70’s vibe in a more plausible way. Overall, the campaign presents an enticing fantasy of exploring an exciting new place with a group of trusted friends; full of warmth and youthful energy, it will leave you yearning for your next destination. Bon voyage!

Mango Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos
Mango Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Agency | Petronio Studio
Art Director | Ezra Petronio
Photographer/Director | Glen Luchford
Models | Anna Ewers, Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, Vittoria Ceretti, Kit Butler, Hamid Onifade
Stylist | Elodie
Hair | Anthony Turner
Makeup | Lisa Butlet
Location | Mexico- Valladolid & Mérida