Mark Cross Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

Mark Cross

Spring 2019 Campaign

Let’s face it, marketers have made carreers out of classifying and profiling generations since the turn of the century. We’ve had The Lost Generation, The Greatest Generation, The Silent Generation, The Baby Boomer Generation, Xennials, Millennials, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, and now Gen Alpha.

And not unlike The Who, each generation feels to need to define themselves, and plant their flag in the sands of time. Marketers are often the first to support that pole planting as staying current and down aging is as important to a brands lifecycle as maintaining positive relations with the consumer one does have.

The Impression is delighted to bear witness to the generational changing of the guard in the most recent Spring 2019 ad campaign from American luxury house Mark Cross as newly tapped CEO Ulrik Garde Due, formerly CEO of Georg Jensen and Temperley London, takes the helm.

Garde Due has the experience to recognize the talent he inherited in the role, that of Creative Director David Lipman and his team at Lipman Studios, that have been working on the relaunch of Mark Coss for the last several seasons. That wisdom also recognized that it was the right time to shift the firms startegy while maintaining that creative releationship.

“We are embarking on a new consumer-centric marketing strategy that will see the brand shift to a digital-first, socially amplified model explained Garde Due. “All our efforts will be led by creating digital content to be used across all consumer touch points in a coordinated and consistent manner.”

The launch of this campaign is the first proof of our new direction where a wonderful group of young talented women organically have interpreted the strong Mark Cross DNA in a modern, natural and aspiring way. We will be working with real people in real life going forward.

Ulrik Garde Due – CEO Mark Cross

To get ‘social’ and ‘real’ Lipman looked at his own generational connection, enlisting daughter Melena Lipman and mentee Yulu Serao to take the house to its next phase and lens the campaign.

“This unfolded in an organic, natural fashion,” shared David Lipman. “My daughter Melena has been around the business since birth and Yulu has been working with me for a bit over a year and quickly has become a prodigy.  The ladies pitched me on the idea that their friends weren’t familiar with the Mark Cross brand and that they should style and shoot their friends, all of whom are great, young millennials living in New York City.”

The duo embraced Mark Cross as a naturalistic and accessible luxury that their generation should have the opportunity to enjoy.

“Our concept was to photograph girls that inspire us creatively, which is why we chose Zuri Marley and Manon Macasaet, ” explained co-creator san photographers Melena Lipman and Yulu Serao.

We didn’t want to shoot “fashion pictures.” Each snap of the camera was a frozen moment of individuality and quirkiness.

Melena Lipman and Yulu Serao – Photographers

“Zuri and Manon did their own hair and makeup,” said Lipman and Serao. “We styled them mixing streetwear and modern sportswear, using pieces from our friends, Sandy Liang and Procell, to contrast against the Mark Cross bags. This gave us the contradiction we saw in the girls. The four of us are around the same age, young millennials, which allowed us to play off of the deep-rooted heritage of Mark Cross, a brand that was founded in 1845.”

Which brings us back to generations as the house was founded in the year James Polk became President and Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” was first published. The house of Mark Cross was humming “Talking about my generation” long before Pete Townsend and The Who felt the need to plant Keith Moon’s drumsticks in the sands of time. And will undoubtedly be humming another tune before Gen Alpha gets their generational itch. That is the testament of the strength of a long term house, understanding how to die and be reborn, before they get old.

Agency | Lipman Studio
Creative Director | David Lipman
Photographers | Melena Lipman & Yulu Serao
Models | Zuri Marley & Manon Macasaet